Sunday, June 29, 2008

Flying Today (As a New Private Pilot)

Sorry to be out of touch. It is funny how I was building up to this grand finale of getting my Private Pilot License and then I put a video saying I passed it but I never put any text on the blog that I passed the PASSED THE CHECKRIDE!!!! YIPPEEE!!!

I have been able to fly every weekend this month, but I was not shooting any video. Today I took up my friend Jason, and he took some pictures and we got some video so I will get out a podcast soon. On another note, I got a chance to talk to a student pilot this evening who has a podcast that you should check out. His name is Bill Williams and he is the host of The Student Pilot Cast. He has a few audio podcasts as well as a couple of video podcasts. Bill had emailed me right after my checkride, but I finally got around to actually talking to him last night and today. Be on the lookout for a podcast with the 2 of us. We have been bouncing some ideas off each other for future podcasts. Be sure to check out his blog here.

Aside from flying the norm, I got a chance to fly in a 2007 Cirrus SR22 G3 Turbo. A friend of my instructors took me up as a treat for passing the checkride. Can you say...nice? Can you say...AC?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Student Pilot Journal Podcast #20

No flight video yet. Just me talking for a minute or two. That is all I will say. More flying videos to come.


Download the video