Monday, June 22, 2009

Student Pilot Journal Podcast #25

Status Update:

Hello everyone! A quick status update of what is going on. I am getting ready for my trip to marathon key this Friday. I am hoping that the weather does not put it on hold so we are crossing our fingers. This will be good for me since I have not been able to fly much lately. After this trip I can add one more place to go for the wife and fam. I generally like to fly there first so I don't have any surprises when my wife is flying with me. I know some of you may say that is part of the fun....but....yea....not for me. :-)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Student Pilot Journal in Flight Training Magazine

Thanks to my instructor, Casey Allen, Student Pilot Journal was mentioned in the latest edition of Flight Training Magazine. A few weeks back Casey sent an email to the magazine and we were both surprised to see it made it in. To summarize, it mentions how I documented my flight training for my PPL with Video and Audio. Thanks Casey!

On another note, I will be flying to the Keys at the end of the month (Marathon) with a few friends. I asked Casey to ride along since I have never flown there. He has been down there several times. I plan to take some video as well. I still have a number of flights in the queue waiting to be edited but work has been non stop since the beginning of the year and my workflow was interrupted when I switched to the Mac. In the end I know that it will be easier but I am still getting used to working in a new video editing program. I still have not started much of anything on the instrument training so when that gets rolling, you should start to see a lot of video uploaded. I have decided that I want to have everything in line to do non stop training, just as I did for my PPL. That seems to work best for me. Talk to you all later!