Monday, June 22, 2009

Student Pilot Journal Podcast #25

Status Update:

Hello everyone! A quick status update of what is going on. I am getting ready for my trip to marathon key this Friday. I am hoping that the weather does not put it on hold so we are crossing our fingers. This will be good for me since I have not been able to fly much lately. After this trip I can add one more place to go for the wife and fam. I generally like to fly there first so I don't have any surprises when my wife is flying with me. I know some of you may say that is part of the fun....but....yea....not for me. :-)


Dan Smith said...

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Regards, Dan Smith

Anonymous said...

Greg, I relate to the "scout it out first" with my wife as well. She is not one for adventure, the unknown, or surprises. :-). Even if we're going to go camp, gotta be nice an easy.
Nice vid.

Greg Summers said...

I haven't taken the wife as much as i would like over the years.....she gets airsick fairly easy. That trip still stands out as one of my far as the flight there and back. Some very nice visuals with the weather that day.