Saturday, July 4, 2009

Marathon Key Trip on YouTube

I have posted a short video on YouTube for the Marathon Key flight. The trip was great. We filed IFR both ways so I was able to get in the clouds a little bit....more like "around" for the most part, but it was fun and further justifies my need for an instrument rating. Flying around the storms was truly a sight to see and seeing the tops of rainbows was interesting. Be sure to subscribe to the Student Pilot Journal YouTube channel. Occasionally I will be posting quick blurbs that may not be good enough for a full podcast. Here is the video on YouTube:


Anonymous said...

Great video Greg.
It reminds me of my flight from Clearwater to Key West some years back when on holiday from over here in the UK. Keep up the posts!



Mark said...

The instrument rating is very important. Good luck on getting yours too!