Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Student Pilot Journal Podcast #2

First Flying Lesson!

No video yet, but I was able to record some audio from the flight. I had to edit a lot of it and some of the audio may sound rushed. I cut out the dead space where we did not talk so I could provide a decent sample with minimal dead air. Here is a brief summary of what we covered:

  1. Pre-flight
  2. Checklists
  3. Traffic Pattern Operations
  4. Radio Communications
  5. Takeoff and Climb procedures
  6. Straight and level flight
  7. Shallow turns
  8. Climbs and descents
  9. Flight at varying airspeeds
  10. Normal approach and landing

Recording the audio is a huge help. I have been listening to it all day and making notes when I hear something that I need to remember or work on. My next lesson is this Saturday and I will be getting some video this time with my new Sticky Pod Dash. Yippee!


Download the Video Podcast

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