Thursday, January 17, 2008

First Solo!

I did it! The weather was set to deteriorate quickly after 10am so we started a little before 9 and stayed in the pattern. I did 2 landings and Casey asked how I felt about going up on my own. Even though my second landing was shaky I felt good about going up so I agreed to it. I am putting the finishing touches on background music for the video footage. I need to keep things legal so I am searching for non copyrighted material that I can use that is fitting for flying. I have 2 more supervised solos and then I will be able to go out on my own for the solo portion of the training. The weather continues to be bad this week so we will try again early next week.



Anonymous said...

Congrats pilot! Now you will really start learning to fly.


Greg Summers said...

Thanks! I am looking forward to the next phase and hope that I can continue it at a regular pace. I need to keep things fresh. I checked out your blog page....sure am glad I am in Florida, but don't get the experience that you get which makes it difficult to think about taking a trip into your weather even after my training. I hope you get to fly soon! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hey!! Congratulations!! You are now a pilot. What you're doing here is great. Nice work!

David Barba said...

Congratulations!! i think is great what you are doing here, i started getting your podcasts by the end of january, i think it was your 11th podcast but i downloaded them all, I'm a new pilot also ;) just did my first solo like 8 days ago =) you can see it here, im from mexico so the webpage is in spanish but once again contratulations!! you are very welcome to join us in mexico anytime you fly-by!
have great flights

Greg Summers said...

Thanks David! I looked at your webpage as well. Congrats on your solo too! It is a great feeling! I am working on cross countries now and having a blast. I would encourage anyone to document their progress whether it be by video, audio, or just a simple text journal. Please keep in touch with me on your progress as well. You can email me at


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