Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Solo Flying and Next Scheduled Podcast

Hello everyone. I have been flying a little by myself the last few days. I had a Saturday lesson and got there early and took the plane around the pattern a few times......because I can!!!! :-) I also took the plane up after my lesson. Am I crazy for doing stalls my first real flight on my own????? Maybe, but I feel I needed to do them. I was shaking after I did them, though...just knowing that I did not have my instructor there. For my lesson we went to Melbourne again for some more radio work and touch and go's. The radio work was frustrating. I returned the Bose headset that I was trying out, and used a set that one of my friends gave me. I can't complain because he was nice enough to give them to me, but going from the Bose to passive noise cancelling is a big change for me. I had a hard time repeating everything back to ATC so I blamed it on the headset. :-) Needless to say I am on the hunt for a good ANR headset. I love the BOSE but it is difficult for me to justify the expense. I shot some video of Melbourne and also a couple days of solo flying. I went up Sunday morning and the weather was great. Yesterday....not so much. The wind was around 12KT but straight down runway 14 so I did not consider it to be a factor and it was a good opportunity to practice some ground reference maneuvers over the practice area. As I continued flying though, the winds varied much stronger than I was comfortable with so I decided to head back to Valkaria. I have more to tell you about that in another post but overall I was able to get done what I needed to. Keep checking back for the next podcast. I will try to work on it this evening.


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