Monday, February 7, 2011

Student Pilot Journal Podcast Update

February 7, 2011

Hello pilots! Here is a quick update about some future podcasts that Casey and I are currently working on. Thanks again for all of your continued support!

-Greg & Casey


Matt Griffith said...

Thanks Greg. I look forward to hearing your tips about the checkride. I'm just getting started here, having 2.6 hrs to my name, but every little bit helps along the way.
Thanks again for a great podcast and keep up the good work.
You've inspired me to start my own and it is
I'm considering doing the video thing, but not so sure yet..


Greg said...

I am always happy if I manage to inspire people while I am learning. I will check out your blog. Hope to see some video along the way as well. ;-)

Richard C. Lambert said...

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Robert said...

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