Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Student Pilot Journal Podcast #23

Instrument Flying Lesson 1

I took my first instrument flying lesson. Not much video to look at, but at least it is documented. As you can imagine there is not much of a visual when doing instrument training. It also did not help that I forgot my camera mount so my apologies for the less than average quality and the audio has some noise issues. I edited the audio the best that I could to cut out the scratchiness that you may hear from time to time. Suggestions for future instrument podcasts are always welcome. Just like the private is always an experiment to capture the training effectively.


Download the video


Anonymous said...

Greg, been a while! Excited to get home to check out your new podcast...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know. I am glad to get another episode online. I hope to get another instrument lesson in this weekend. Glad to see you all still downloading and watching. -G