Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Student Pilot Journal Podcast #24

SPJ Audio and Video Capturing:

This podcast will answer 2 of the most frequently asked questions and that is how I capture audio and video for the podcast.  This video will also feature 2 products from a company called Foreflight- Foreflight Checklist and Foreflight Mobile.  Below is a direct link to the audio cable and camera mount that I will feature as well as links to Foreflight.

Audio Cable:

Camera Mount (Updated 2017):

Mount is discontinued. There are several on the market and too many to list here as a recommendation. 




sohalloran said...

thanks a million for the tips. keep up the great work.

Greg Summers said...

You are quite welcome. I enjoy doing them and getting all of the great feedback from everyone.

Max Flight said...

Greg: This was a nicely done video - well produced and really interesting. Keep up the good work!

I think we'll always have audio podcasts, but video is likely to be where the big growth will occur in the future - at least that's my projection. So it's great to see you and a couple of other aviators leading in that area!

Mark said...

Useful information for other people and student pilots to start podcasting. Thanks for these.